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The other way to look at it (and probably the way NV is) is why allow your competition to "leech" off your tech? Why would an enthusiast buy a high priced yet older NV tech (285 for example), when he get a cheap NV and a newer gen ATI which would be prolly the same total price yet be "faster" or at least "prettier". For the longest while ATI was the only one with 11 cards on the market. Doing this in combination with "it will be any month now" PR they had going for fermi, probably helped slow the hemorrhaging of green peeps to team red. By making it an "either / or" scenario it may have saved sales or cost ATI sales at the very least. Hell, even if only saved was probably worth it. If you want NV tech you need to run NV kit...exclusively. Seems reasonable. Scummy....but reasonable when looked at from a business POV.
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