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Once again a "live operating environment" doesn't mean what you think it means. Thats is a very specific term to an IT professional. A LIVE environment for example is workstations be used by a company to get work done by actual employees besides the technet "owner". A live operating environment is using the server OS on a LIVE in a server that is being access by individuals besides the technet owner. Is it a gray area. Yup. Has MS purposely made it a gray area. Yes. They would rather have you purchase a technet subscription rather then pirate. Technet is still not widely known and the day it does become widely prolly the day it will go like other similar programs MS has where the eval period is limited to the technet subscription period and when you subscription runs out you are then breaking the EULA.

Honest Bushwacker all I can say is...CALL them up ASK them if you can use this in a home envrionement for an unlimited time eval. They will tell you that is perfectly fine as long as it is for YOU and others can not access it or use it and you are NOT using it to make money. That is the MS definition of evaluation. I have not said anywhere that joe schmo should buy a technet sub, and install it on his moms comp. When someone asks for personal use then yes that is a legit use of technet. The OP bought a key for HIS comp that was blacklist. Where does it say he was using it on 10 dif systems? It was his own personal system. Sounds like a legit use of technet to me.

It seems like you have an axe to grind and it doesnt matter what the situation is. It also seems you are purposely trying to impose what you consider "evaluation" on to others, including MS to make your point. If you dont believe me on what technet was setup for and designed for....I dont care at this point. I have talked to them at various MS conferences over the years, they know exactly what 99% are doing and that is OK with them as its the best advertisement they can get. I've been using what is now colloquially called "Technet" since NT was released. Hell they used to include it for free when you got your MCSE (1 year). You are purposely ignorant on the subject and seem to not care as it doesnt fit into your world view. Most likely you want it to be nice and black & white so that you can justify your own actions. God bless is all I have to say.
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