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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Dude a PRODUCTION environment is a professional environment... as in your company is USING the software to make money. A test / eval enviro is just that, any envri for personal use. Your home enviro on your home systems is not a production environment.
This is your distorted determination of their licensing terms that isn't even remotely close to the meaning of the words in the EULA. I believe you're drawing this conclusion to suit your own needs based on the wording that MS uses in their description.

The meaning of the word 'production' IS:

1. the act of producing
2. anything that is produced; product
3. the amount produced or the rate at which it is produced
4. (Economics) Economics the creation or manufacture for sale of goods and services with exchange value
5. any work created as a result of literary or artistic effort
6. (Performing Arts) the organization and presentation of a film, play, opera, etc.
7. (Performing Arts / Theatre) Brit the artistic direction of a play
8. (Music, other)
a. the supervision of the arrangement, recording, and mixing of a record
b. the overall sound quality or character of a recording the material is very strong but the production is poor
9. (Engineering / Automotive Engineering) (modifier) manufactured by a mass-production process a production model of a car make a production (out) of
Informal to make an unnecessary fuss about

So of the 9 different usages of the word you are choosing description 4. - and ONLY that one - I doubt very much Microsoft is.

TechNet Plus Subscriptions License Terms

Single User License. If you acquire a single user license, one user may install and use copies of the software on any of your devices.
b.Certain Components.
Evaluation Software. One user may install and use copies of the evaluation software listed in the COMPONENTS.TXT file, even if you obtained a server license. You may use the evaluation software only to evaluate it. You may not use it in a live operating, in a staging environment or with data that has not been sufficiently backed up.

TechNet Plus Blog | IT Professional Community | Newsgroup Support

Can I use evaluation software received in my TechNet Plus subscription at home?

The license grants installation and use rights to one user only, for evaluation purposes, on any of the user’s devices, this may include devices at home. Keep in mind that you may use the evaluation software only to evaluate it. You may not use it in a live operating environment, a staging environment, or with data that has not been sufficiently backed up.

As to your "personal use", the agreement and FAQ are using the term "live operating" and they clearly indicate this as not being legal. I know you can pretend to be evaluating the software at home forever, but when one is using the Technet Subscription as an alternative to buying the software by legal means (in other words, in accordance to the EULAs) in a home network for every day personal USE, 'evaluating' becomes a crock ... not to mention the likelihood that multiple users are also taking advantage of the subscription benefits.
Dont believe me PHONE em up, they will tell you the exact same thing.
The response from a call will be so dependent upon who one talks to at Microsoft and one's description of how they are using the subscription that it isn't going to prove my point to you. For example, if I say I'm an IT Pro wanting to install MS products on MY personal devices in order to evaluate their products while at home the answer will certainly be YES. However if I say I'm joe geek who supports family & friends PCs and I'm wanting to use a subscription to install MS products on my home network of computers that will be used by myself, wife, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, or friends the answer will be NO. There are a myriad of descriptions in between these extremes one could provide to sway the answer one way or the other.
As for length of time...its unlimited.
Yes, it is one of the features that is clearly stated by MS .... but that has nothing to do with the type of usage that is acceptable or not. Deflecting are we?
THIS is so blatantly wrong it's laughable ... and what really gets me going on this issue. There is NOTHING in the UELA or FAQ provided by MS that comes even close to indicating this! You are simply 'pirating' software within the confines of your own home ... and friends & relatives perhaps??
Where has anyone, including me or pelt, said buy a technet and then sell the keys?
NOwhere .... and has nothing to do with the point I'm making. Again, a typical distortion of reality and a means of deflecting from the subject.
If you want to pirate your software, thats your choice but dont try and justify it by saying there is no cheap and legal alternatives to doing so.
I'm not justifying a person's decision to pirate software or not, however, I am saying the Technet Subscription is not a cheap and legal alternative to legally purchasing software for PERSONAL use - Technet is for EVALUATION outside of a USE environment for IT Professionals. Ignoring and/or twisting the terms of the EULA for "PERSONAL use" is another form of 'pirating' software ..... have at er if you choose.

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