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Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
Sorry about that,

I read thru a lot of topics ,but need clearer info on the UPSes.

I want to protect the rig in sig. I'm moving to an old house (about 75 years old) in a city. I have no idea of the quality of the wiring (original or rewired), amount of circuits or general electrical "history" of the neighborhood (outages, peaks, brownouts, thunderstorms you know).

Anyway I want to protect the rig from any electrical noise/dirty power/brownout/whatever. 'll be keeping this rig as it is for at least another year.

I'm not after a way to strictly save data, I just want to protect my hardware at all cost. Don't want a brownout to take my SSD, mobo or everything else for that matter.
My PSU is the ANTEC TRUEPOWER 3 650Watts V1. the power draw at the prong, I estimate it at around 400 watts (factoring-in overclock).

I'm afraid I buy a UPS that would not be compatible with my PSU (sine wave thingy???).

I'm considering a 1100-1300VA APC model that they sell locally at Costco for around $150...they do not advertise it on their webpage, but it's a big unit.

Is it what I need? Or is there some line-conditioning devices that can do the job?
I already use a $50 000 warranty Belkin surge suppressor, but I know it doesn't protect from dirty power...

If your concern is to protect your hardware then your best bet is to go with a line interactive Smart-UPS. The Back-UPSs that are recommended here will work fine in most cases, but pretty much just to provide a bit of run time. They're not really suited to protect against power disturbances like the line interactive units are. The Back-UPSs are standy by units and the Smart-UPS are line interactive. Also, the Smart-UPS's output a sine wave which a lot of power supplies need to function properly.

I would recommend a unit like the IBM Smart-UPS 1500 which is a data center quality unit offering 1050W. It's a line interactive unit that outputs a sine wave, has avr boost/drop and and offers a solid run time. The batteries in this unit are much bigger than the Back-UPS one and will offer more run time in case of power failure. You can put your cable modem, router, and voip phone on this battery backup as well to protect all that stuff in case of a power outage.

If you're on a tight budget but still want a data center style unit, you can always go with the APC Smart-UPS 1400. This unit is the predecessor to the 1500, everything is almost the same, the 1500 has a USB port and a serial port while the 1400 only has a serial port. The software and the hardware in both units is the same, the run time will be the same as well.

Both of the above mentioned units clean and filter the dirty power which is crucial to proper operation. They're solid work horses. Anything will be better than a surge protector/power bar, and a Smart-UPS will be better than a Back-UPS.
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