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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
1 - 2% increase in FPS..... not only is that statistically negligable, it could also be suggested that it would come from an improved chipset without any benefit coming from the PCIe 2.0 slot......
exactly. i did some benching the other night on the P5K3-Dlx with both an 8800GTS 512 and an 3870X2 and there was nothing about my scores that would suggest i was on a PCI-E 1.0 motherboard compared to any of the scores on HWBot with similar CPU clocks. heck, my scores were above average if anything. obviously not a direct head to head but from my 'seat of the pants' feel based on 3DMark scores, there is no difference.

if i get a chance i will do a direct comparison on the P5K3-Dlx/Maximus Extreme but my plate is pretty full so i doubt it will ever happen.
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