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Default Getto Cooling relief for X Generation Cards

The Factory cooling solution on the Sapphire XTX1900X seems inadequate if you are going to game alot or OC the videocard. Some folks have ran extended ram heatsinks off the mosfets to put the generated heat up into the suction area of the fan shroud in an effort to increase cooling when you are running the boards hard.
Using a smoke stick I could track the airflow pattern and see the highest flow occured at the top 2 cm. of the shroud entrance with very low flow at bottom where the components rest.
I took a clear plastic box (3.5" screw box from Canadian Tire eh?) , same rough size as the width of the fan shroud. Using an X-acto blade, cut out both sides to the Fan shroud size,attached box to shroud using heat tape whereby basically extending the shroud 1.5 inches.
This simple getto mod put my Voltage regulators and Mosfets directly in the airflow tunnel, cooling all critical parts more then the stock system. As a side benfit, the fan is quieter at same rpm. Cheap,Fast, effective.
Try it out if your card is cooking all the time and Santa hasnt brought you an after market cooling solution yet and let me know if it helped your card out.
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