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Default Potential Warning Regarding HD3870X2 Cooler Compatibility

All right guys. I was in the process of doing an article about aftermarket cooler compatibility with the HD3870X2. Great, right? Sure, the HR-03 Rev-A fit without a problem so I went out and bought some GPU water blocks and a pair of Zalman VF-700 air coolers.

I am publishing these results BEFORE I publish an article because I'd rather people know about this ASAP.

Well, lo and behold this is what I came up with:

Water blocks:

Danger Den Maze 5 = INCOMPATIBLE

Air Coolers:


Before I go off all half-cocked, I would also like to ask if ANYONE has seen someone who has a 7600 / X800 compatible GPU block installed on their HD3870X2.

Why the HR-03 Rev.A actually fit is beyond me...maybe more tolerance between the holes. From what I have seen with all of these coolers, there is about a 2-3m difference between the hole locations of the GPU mounthing plates from these coolers and the HSF mounthing holes around the cores.
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