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My System Specs


I just received a 2684 work unit yesterday on one of my VMWare Linux VMs.

My i7 860 @ 3.8Ghz (19x200BCLK) is getting a TPF of around 45:30 with one GPU client running and the -smp 8 flag set, and it's estimated by HFM.NET at around 19,000 PPD.

Once this unit is done I will be switching to Windows SMP2 on this box, as the PPD on A3 SMP units is only about 1,500 PPD less, and I can do that with only 4GB of RAM, which is a bonus.

I will be adding the -smp 8 and -bigadv flags in hopes that as soon as a new A3 BigAdv for Windows unit comes I'll get it.

So far A3 work units on this box run about 20% faster on WinSMP vs. Linux based 8 core VMs. Due to bonuses the difference in TPF actually calculates out to about 8,000 PPD difference.

I strongly hope these WUs will run on 4GB of RAM in WinSMP. That would be great.

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