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My System Specs


Originally Posted by LacrosseTown View Post
nice! thanks fort the review im thinking of this monitor, you said its good for gaming... how good out of scale 1-10? :P

I don't know, 7-8? A 120Hz LCD would probably do better, but I came from a 5ms Dell E228WFP (TN panel as well) so this wasn't any different.

Did come across one minor problem, with my brightness set so low (25), certain colours, mainly greys, flicker a bit. Don't notice it in games though, but I see it when looking at certain websites/images. Basically static content. However ramping the brightness back up to the default, this problem goes away.

I really wouldn't want to touch any 24"+ monitor that uses 1920x1080 resolution. This 2048x1152 resolution seems perfect for 27". Everything is readable from arms length without seeming too huge.

Also regarding the yellow/orange, seems mainly dependent on viewing angles. When I took the pictures, I don't think the camera was dead on, so thus why it looks off. Sitting in my normal position though, it's better.
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