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My System Specs


The current GPU core (1.34) supports the FAH_GPU_IDLE environment variable to reduce GPU usage, which results in less heat. The main feature the Tracker adds is WU-specific settings for this variable. Normally you can only set the environment variable globally for all WUs. This feature is very useful if some WUs run too hot (like the 548 point GPU WUs), but others are fine (like the 353 point GPU WUs).

An example of when I would use this feature:

Say I have a GPU that runs at 69 C load with 353 point WUs and 79 C load with 548 point WUs. If this GPU is only stable below 75 C, I can have the Tracker run 548 point WUs at 85% GPU usage instead of 100%. This would reduce the heat generated and keep the GPU below 75 C without also slowing down the 353 point WUs for no reason.

Keep in mind that using this feature will reduce PPD. If I run a WU at 90% GPU usage I will get 90% of the PPD I could get if I left it at 100% GPU usage.

I hope I cleared up any questions about this feature.
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