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My System Specs

Default FAH GPU Tracker V2

FAH GPU Tracker V2 is a Folding@Home Client tracking and control program that I created to make folding easier.

- Controls up to 9 clients (CPU or SMP, up to 8 GPUs)
- Tracks detailed stats for every client and every name/team combo
- Tracks WU failures by project number for each client
- Saves the logs of failed WUs
- Can automatically reconfigure user information from an XML file
- Gaming Pause feature to pause clients while gaming
- Automatically updating projects list (pulled from psummary)
- Hides all client windows to prevent taskbar clutter
- Can be minimized to system tray
- Automatic update support
- Heat Control setting to throttle GPUs based on the current WU
- Allows switching between the GPU2 and GPU3 clients (per-GPU)
- Can export an XML file with the current status of the Tracker
- Can upload the XML status file to an FTP server
- Downloads the FAH clients from Stanford on first run
- PPD monitoring of all clients including bonus points for SMP A3

Download v3.54 - Stable:
FAH GPU Tracker V2

FAH GPU Tracker V2 website:
FAH GPU Tracker V2 Website

Support Forum:
FAH GPU Tracker V2 Support Forum

1. Extract FAH GPU Tracker
2. Run FAH GPU Tracker V2.exe (If you have UAC enabled run it as administrator)
3. Go to Setup -> Configure
4. Change the options as you see fit
5. Hit apply and close the config page
6. You are ready to start folding!
7. Hit the start button(s) on the desired client(s) to begin folding

I am open to suggestions on how to improve the Tracker, and would be happy to add anything that seems useful.

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