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Originally Posted by ilya View Post
I've actually been contemplating an itx/h55/i3 build myself. (for some small folding)

Decided to wait on the Gigabyte h55 itx board, but it was supposed to be out last month. So far I've only seen a review of it on Linus Tech Tips, and that wasn't even a review of the board, but the barebones system that came with it. Brand wise I prefer Gigabyte over ECS by a longshot, always hearing stories of bad ECS QC.
The DFI mini itx P55 wouldn't be a bad choice either, but you'll need a video card if you go with that.

For the CPU I've been debating 540/530, higher multiplier on the 540 will make getting to 4ghz a lot easier, since there isn't much room to bump voltage on an itx board. (less mosfets/vrm's etc)

For the case I'd get one of the Lian Li cases, slim optical drives on the Silverstones just suck. (pricewise)

PSU wise I've been looking for this however, it's been really hard to find.

EDIT: also thought about running a Pico PSU, but then I wanted room for a video card.
With respect to the motherboard, I am a Gigabyte fan & am actually running one in this machine I'm typing this on. The issues are when is thier ITX product going to be released & at what price.
I have actually heard good things about the ECS ITX product & its' price & availability are right now. I do think the the Gigabyte product will be more interesting in no small part because it will have USB3.

I too have been taking a long look at the Lian Li cases. They are easy to like and most, not sure about the PC-Q07, should fit my Scythe Big Shuriken.
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