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My System Specs


I was trying to refrain myself for posting but I need to let go all the anger I have inside so hang in there :P

I recently purchased a 5870 with display port from NCIX. The card arrived, installed it and the PC boots fine. However upon installing the drivers and playing games the card was causing my system to crash. Not to desktop... not momentarily... up to the point where the only choice was to reboot the PC manually to get it back running again. First I figured there were driver problems, so I did every step out there to get this running smoothly, that clearly was not the problem. Later I increased the voltage on my memory thinking it needed abit more to run stable with the card... again this wasn't the problem. Then I try and install Uniengine Heaven 2.0 and run a quick benchmark...system crashes again. After 2 weeks of tickets with XFX they tell me to RMA the card. So turns out, now I have to pay for shipping charges to XFX... all the fricking way from Canada which was $35. From reading your post I expect another charge when they ship it back... so now I'm looking at paying over $500 bucks for a card that's $400 at best. Seriously....what the hell?

Now if they send me the card back, or another replacement and for some reason it still does not work you are telling me I have to repeat the process again? This needs to stop somehow, it's ridiculous.

/end of rant
-- Viva Canada! --
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