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Default WOW XFX Your Guys SUCK

Long Story Short

My XFX 285 BE Popped' So i RMAed it.

First it took them a little over a month to tell me"we dont have those in Stock"

So i asked Whats the upgrade card then...

First they tell me thier sending me a 5850 BE.

I got a Ref 5850.

WHat ever, Water under the bridge.

Yesterday I got a Bill from Fedex, XFX Wants me to Pay the shipping on the card they sent to me aswell.

After dealing with 3 or 4 for of thier RMA guys on the phone, I understand the screw-ups.

Ive never had a issue with XFX before this, But if this is whats in store for us all, Im more sad about BFG dropping out oof the race, And being stuck dealing with this DICKFILL company.
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