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Default [fixed] Left my PC for 3 days and Win7 screwed me over.

FINAL UPDATE (within the hour of thread creating FML) - reseated the frickin card and it works now. Thank god for the creation of larry and sergey... I read a suggestion of reseating the card on a different forum, lo and behold windows 7 decides to recognize my card again. Yes I installed my card correctly lol. I didn't touch anything when I left it for 3 days, came back and it just wouldn't cooperate, only reason I can think of now is that there was an earthquake in Toronto that my parent's didn't tell me about.

I left my PC for 3 days with the surgebar flipped off, but the network cable still connected. I returned just now, and I was horrified when Win7 loaded up at 640x480, and the nvidia driver wasn't recognized anymore by micro$h1t windowz. What to do? I don't want to reinstall windows, and windows currently won't let me install the nvidia driver. My (stable) overclock remains intact, so I'm fairly certain that it is not the mobo battery running out during these 3 days.

update: I've narrowed it down to a software issue. Other OS'es that have been coded properly recognize my gtx260 just fine. Here's what windowz sees:
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