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Default Overheating???

Ever since I got my Antec 300 I've been obsessed with temperatures. This morning temperatures peaked quite high when I was looking at it. I have the original fan on two, two fans in front and one fan in back. I then have the CPU fan and the PSU fan of course. My Graphics Card went up to 75 degrees Celsius and my 4 cores were up to 55 degrees Celsius. I have nothing overclocked (yet). These temperatures must not be normal are they?

At the moment my 4 cores are down to 29-32 and GPU 45 while my Temp 1 to 3 vary from 26 to 41. Is there a way I can fix these temp spikes that happen for no reason? I increased the speed of the back fan to low from high. Also I've been using SpeedFan. Could the wires heat up the the computer up just by being all over the place and messy?
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