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Originally Posted by Mavvens View Post
Some questions come in my head...

What does it stand for?
Playing dvd or editing video files?

Playback mostly, possibly light conversions at times but nothing major.

Some case here are for the Micro-atx too, so micro-atx and mini-itx could be choices for you?

HHHmm as far as I know only the PC-V351A of the cases I listed support micro-atx boards. It's on the list but not in first place.

How long do you plan to keep it? Do you want it for the long run or you change your computer every 2 to 3 years?

For a general workstation like this it will not be changed out that often.

But you are an

So you want to overclock, but not too much?

Not looking for extreme overclocks but from all I've been reading 4ghz out of the i3 is not too hard. Btw, here is a very interesting article. I won't be going to these extremes but it shows what can be accomplished.,2626.html
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