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Originally Posted by Artel View Post
the reason I haven't gone for the i3 combo is because this is just for a testing system that is meant to test video cards and hard drives and other more frequently changed components. An i3 system is great for an htpc setup or a low cost web surfing system for the wife and kids (I have neither).

Hence my desire to keep it cheaaap. I have no qualms about dropping a few grand on parts, I do that at least twice a year, but sometimes I just can't justify it, especially when wanting a testing rig that I will keep around for a few months and then just throw away (sorta).

That being said, got an interview for a new job tomorrow, which will further support my hardware fetish :P may just end up getting another i7 rig instead (Folding is a heck of an addiction)
If its just for testing components you probably should just get a single core. Most of the drivers and and software included with those things are still single threaded and take nothing extra from multi-core platforms. Things are changing for sure but I have a gaming system that I run Crossfire and using a highly clocked Pentium 4 with HT just because its the GHZ that matters and a slower dual core just hurts performance.

Like the previous poster said as well check the classified websites in your area as well you can sometimes find just what your looking for. I once picked up a AMD X2 5200 complete system for $100.
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