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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
Wait, you're telling a forum of DIY computer people they have to take a computer to someone else to fix?
Come on... if the guy has trouble fixing his Mac maybe simply because he's not used to it or by incompetence, well you go to the professional instead of screwing around in it risking to kill something in the process.

Originally Posted by Thund3rball View Post

Not too mention you completely contradicted yourself literally one sentence after another. Which is it... easy to work on or needs a pro Apple tech? Make up your mind.

I second your after my laughing fit ends.
No I'm not contradicting myself with that one and yes it's easy to fix a Mac -if you know what you are doing-... which didn't look like your case.

If you don't like me saying that, well I can't do anything about it.

Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
Or it could be the other way around. As a teacher I could simply scoff and simply roll my eyes and say that Mac was "shit" and you'd have 3/4 going for the PC pretty quick.

Remember, these are n00bs, and I'm the educated teacher. What else are they going to think? Why do you think Apple advertisements work?
I was saying if you had someone or a bunch of "pro" with no preference bias to one or the other computer explaining to beginners OSX vs Windows, well at the end when the session ends and everybody would be perfectly informed I'm sure that at least 3/4 of them would go for a Mac.

Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
I'm sorry, but building the OS around the computer or computer around the OS is all crap.
No they are doing actually doing that. You will have to ask the question yourself to a dev if you don't believe me.

Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
Dell has good onsite warranty too, if you pay for it. However, lots of people have been screwed by Apple as well, like the "yellow" 27" monitor, for instance.
I was not aware of that problem. Though I'm sure about everyone who had that must have gotten a new one or at least the screen fixed + some kind of compensation for it.

Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
Which, btw, was made by Intel in the mid 1990s.

Yeah, when Mac users were bestowing the virtues of PPC processors and the merits of Altivec and simultaneously vilifying everything Intel did Intel was laboriously working of EFI with HP.

Now, if I want to, I can upgrade my motherboard's BIOS to use EFI. But I don't. Do you know why? Because no matter what you say about my existing BIOS, it works. And that's the only reason we haven't all changed.
I understand and know that, though they are about the only company that actually implemented it -well- for it's consumer computers which is a step in a very good direction.
"NIX is a classic example of security through obscurity because there is no real monetary reward for crackers and hackers to break Linix" -AkG
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