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Originally Posted by Killswitch View Post
Have either one of you two honestly ever tried a pair of 5.1 Trittons or a pair of Pyskos? I'm betting the answer is NO. So why the ignorant comments? I've heard that some people aren't bothering with HWC much anymore. I'm assuming this is why. Some people don't respect the opinions of others.
Problem with your argument is that I have Tritton 5.1s, but I'm too ashamed to list them in my equipment list.

By the way Jackquelegs, for some people the equation is "gaming experience= gadgets" because they are gaming FOR FUN...... rather then "skills > gadgets" which would be for nerds playing online and trying to prove they are better then someone they don't know and have never met.
Oh excellent, another generalization. I tend to see this a lot on people WHO ARGUE ON THE INTERNET.
He just wants to know if someone has tried a 5.1 surround sound GAMING headset that's better. No one is able to recommend anything thus far. Are they?
Because no headphone manufacturer is stupid enough to sell a "5.1" headset product. When for that amount of money a true 5.1 system can be purchased.

Seems like you're getting all riled up for your friend here. Ironically your stubbornness blinds you from seeing the opinions of others (and quite widely accepted btw), that we're simply suggesting there are much better alternatives to the Psykos, both in price and sense.

What your friend, and apparently you cannot comprehend is that there is another world outside the 5.1 gimmicks and "gaming". Where the word "immersion" does not track to mediocre sound quality. And Sound quality does not relate to how much you've blown in cash.
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