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Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
Basically, you're doing the "mac phenomenon".

You are taking one of the cons of owning a Mac and turning it into a pro.

Essentially, you're saying:

"Because the Mac is hardly upgradable it is better. Having very little choice in customizing your Mac means that no one really has to write drivers, make existing ones any better, or worry about QA control. Because of this, if the drivers simply work, even if they aren't efficient, it's good enough for us."

Much like my earlier example about the guy who got a replacement Mac for the one that died. He didn't have a Mac failure. He got a "free" laptop using a warranty he paid for. He'd score pretty high on the "customer satisfaction" reviews even though his Mac blew up.

I saw it in the Amiga world, I did some of it myself until I woke up.

You see it with Harley owners. They pay 4x the amount for a bike that barely functions and gets it's ass handed to it in every way by a touring/sport touring/sportbike of AZN make.

Sigh I never said there were no cons. I so dam wished Mac was fully open but there are benefits to being closed.

Also anyone should be happy when they get a replacement. Stuff happens and a company like Apple cares WAY more than Microsoft about the customer. My friend bought Windows 7 and for some reason his copy was no longer genuine. After 3 weeks on the phone he got nothing and had to buy a new copy. Not to mention the representatives were in India so they didn't understand half the things he was saying. With Apple you get one on one time. So Apple cares about its customers. That is worth money to me.

I also kind of see it slightly insulting to call me a Mac person. I will not pay for one of their computers till they get reasonable prices for hardware. So no I have never owned on of their computers but use them all the time as everyone except for 2 run Mac in my family of 5.
Originally Posted by Synth View Post
Apple forum?

[/i]I see it as a pro as well: whilst Windows Vista and 7 had launch issues because of drivers (like the nVidia ones for example), it was a non-issue for Mac OSX.

Restricting the quantity of hardware a system can support does not mean crappier drivers - it means a more solid base than can be fined tuned due to the stability of the platform.

And I wouldn't say that Macs are "hardly" upgradable - they are just "not" upgradable. As soon as you pop open your Mini, you can bet your @ss you've broken retaining pins off the lid and your warranty is void. Is that a con? To an overclocker, modder, etc - yes. To a regular user? No.
I believe Apple's warranty will still cover upgrading a Mac mini as long as you don't damage any of the hardware. My brother has upgraded many Mac Mini's and they still had warranty. He even upgraded his iMac and still had warranty. Apple has some of the best warranty out there. They even covered my brother's iPhone when he dropped it in the snow and a car ran over it. They replaced it even though they didn't have to.

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