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Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
But I think you'd agree that setting up a Virtual Machine and/or SMP folding client is not simple. I'm constantly having to play around with my Folding clients, but my BOINC clients run troublefree, and I can ignore them for months at a time with no issues.

The whole point is that there is a simpler option to have your computer working away for the common good while you aren't using it. Boinc has 1 client for Windows instead of 6, installs easier, and will work away without you having to check on it frequently. I don't expect those of you who have gone to the trouble of getting your Folding clients set up to jump ship. I'm hoping that someone who wants to help out but might be overwhelmed by all the options Folding@Home gives will find this an easier way to get involved.
Same here. I do Resetta and Poem and its as simple as simple is.
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