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Originally Posted by 5ILVgeARX View Post
ATI 5000 series no long support composite video. Even if you buy the adapter, it is only a physical socket change, and no signal can be sent. The only way I know is to use a VGA to composite converter.

For direct S-video out you can use ATI 2000 series -ATI 4000 series.

As for Nvidia series none of them work directly(I only tested on 8800-200 series).

Ohh and I even tested on an x1650pro and 9200SE AGP, they both works as long as you set it to force TV detection.

I do have my 9500GT hooked up via composite actually, and svideo works too. The breakout cable that it comes with does that for you.

As for your question, marks, what i meant was most games these days might not support the low resolution you get with an SD signal
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