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My System Specs


Ok so lets see some benchmarks. First off I will start with the original hard drive included with it.

So as you can see a fairly low end 5400rpm drive.

Now this is what I have with the Kingston V series Gen2 128GB.

Now as you can see much better than before and fairly typical of this drive. That said the AS SSD results are again low. I'm not sure if maybe it just doesn't like the Kingston drives as I am also getting slower speeds with it on my desktop V+ drive.

Now onto some other benchmarks. Now I was going to include numbers from Everest but I have decided not to. The reason for this is because the version I have is not able to accurately benchmark these new i3 mobile CPU's. It gives warnings about that and I just found that my results where just all over the place. I will show a screenshot of the one memory benchmark I did with it, but do not completely trust it. If I get the new version that has proper support, 5.5, then I will revisit and post some numbers.

Now as for SuperPI and wPrime I did get some numbers, all in seconds:

As for battery life, I put it through some paces today. Now the following is not exact numbers put should give people an idea. For the heavy use I ran a bunch of things including 30 minutes of everest stability test, which stresses cpu and mem at 100%. I also ran FarCry 2 benches for just shy of an hour, then I let it play some high-def video for about another hour. In between all of this I had a few minutes of down time and the rest filled up with web and excel work. All of this was done while I had it set to maximum performance and had the Nvidia graphics set to be running all the time.

The standard use was just your everyday web, office and a little gaming, nothing to strenuous. For this I had it set to the Asus entertainment mode, which is what I would figure most people to set it to. And I also left the Intel graphics at it's default setting of being the primary card.

And for the maximum battery I of course set it to battery saving. On that setting it disables aero and keeps the cpu at a maximum 60% and brightness at 40%.

Now remember this is with the SSD that I put into it so I'm sure that will improve things a bit. I'm sure you could get a little bit more out of it on the battery saving feature but then again you want to actually use it. I'm sure that most people could get at least a full dvd movie, playing from the dvd, and then another movie played from the hard drive. So not extreme lengths but decent, remember I got 3 hours with it maxed out on the CPU and GPU for almost that entire time.

As for temperatures you can see from the shot below that temps really are not that bad at all. I can say that even when running at full load for 25-30 minutes the palm rest is nice and cool, really the entire notebook remains cool except for the left side by the vent. That spot can heat up a bit but is still kept in check.

I have also run some 3dmark06 tests. These tests were run with everything at the standard default except for the resolution which was set to 1366 x 768. First I ran it with it forced to use the internal Intel card.

Then I have proceeded to do a run with it set to the Nvidia 310M.

As you can tell it is much better than the standard Intel but it is still not exactly a big time gaming machine. Of course it is not really meant to be and it does show that in the gaming benchmarks that follows this.
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