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I'm sure it's not clearflex unless of course they have changed their tubing in the last while. Here's another pic trying to show the violet colour of it. The top is the clearflex I just got and the bottom is the mystery tubing. I also forgot to note that it's not perfectly clear but a little foggy. It's more of a colour difference than what shows in the pic, my camera prowess leaves a lot to be desired.

I'm working on a new build and for one little bit I need the extra gumminess of this tubing as I need to do a little offset in a short distance that the clearflex doesn't really seem to like. I'm sure I won't have enough of this tube to finish the system and I'm not keen on mixing types of tubes more for cosmetics... yes shallow I know. I might try to take a heat gun to the clearflex to train it to take the proper bend a little better.
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