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Default Display Myths Shattered: How Monitor companies cook their specs

When I bought my first tv, then monitor, I thought that using the diagonal measurement of a display was a deceitful marketing ploy. When LCDs came out, I wondered how 'contrast ratio' differed from 'dynamic contrast ratio' and what it really meant. Just a variation on those marketing cheats like 'new and improved.'

Take everything you think you know about displays and throw it out the window. It's time for a clinic on what display specs really meanóbrace yourself for the alarming truth.

Vision is our most amazing and complex sense, so itís no surprise that display technology is so amazing and complicated. Itís also no surprise that most consumers donít have a good understanding of how displays function, or the best way to select them, buy them, use them, and adjust them.
Display Myths Shattered: How Monitor Companies Cook Their Specs - Page 1 | Maximum PC
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