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Originally Posted by jonnypage View Post
I can't seem to find this information anywhere. I am building a new computer for presentation purposes, and I'd like to put 2x 5570 or 5670 in it, but the only way we can get the signal to the projector (it's ~300 ft away) right now is via s-video/composite.

I can't find anywhere if there

a) is a 5000 series card with a s-video port out (doubt it)
b) if I can use a vga > s-video adapter and get the desired result.

Anyone have any experience with the 5000 series and svideo/composite?

If it cannot, can an nVidia 200 series do this?

I tried a DVI to s-video adaptor on my 5870 - no luck. I could get a signal to my tv, but nothing clear. I suspect it's because the TV has a refresh rate of 30Hz, and I couldn't get the card to go below 60Hz. I added a 3650 to my system for TV-out, and that works fine, but obviously I'm not doing anything like gaming on the TV.
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