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Default Folding too confusing? Try BOINC!

While it was fun trying to get everyone setup for the Chimp Challenge this year, the amount of threads and questions it raised reminded me how finicky it is to setup and keep going. I'm here to remind you of an option.

We also have a Rosetta@Home team, that uses the BOINC distributed computing software. While the Folding@Home project gets a lot of notice, there are other great causes out there too. And they use a piece of software that is MUCH simpler to setup and maintain. I have 2 systems with it installed that I haven't changed anything on in over a year.

Chilly wrote an excellent guide to the setup (with pictures, no less) found here: Rosetta @ Home - Setup Guide

Now, the software can be set up so that it only runs when your computer is idle. Great for you gamers who don't want to go to the bother of starting and stopping the folding clients. There's only one BOINC client, and it will run on any Windows machine.

I'd like to thank Scratch for starting and maintaining the team since its inception 2 years ago. He recently passed the team leader role on to me.

So thanks for reading, and help HardwareCanucks climb the ranks of Rosetta@Home. (We're currently #47 in the world, by the way.)
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