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My System Specs

Smile Asus Matrix 5870 Platinum

Right on the money Delavan! I went hog wild and bought 2 XFX HD 5970 Black Edition cards. This is for my next build which I'll be starting this week. I got a hold of the Intel 980x for an unbelievable price, so that's my new cpu. I only have a 60gb SSD for the OS though. I know that I should've gone with a 128, but oh well. Thanks to AkG, I should be able to maximize efficiency by moving my page file to a Raptor 150. I would've liked to go with the 5870, but couldn't help myself.

To go with this is Mushkin 15000 1866 ram, 12 gigs. If I read it right, the new cards do more than just work on video, with added computational functions that free up cpu chores. Will these customized cards perform with this function or disregard this in search of increased performance?

What about folding? Will these new cards perform better or is the Nvidia card still better, with my 295, should I keep it for folding? For a beginner like me it becomes mind boggling and confusing rather quickly. Now don't ask me to chew gum and think at the same time ok? hehe Seriously, for the price it seems the 5970 is not much from this and kicks the 480 in the sensitive region with vigor.

Benchmarking should prove interesting. A friend has a 295 as well, so we want to compare 295 SLI with 5970 crossfire. A bit unfair, but fun to try anyway. How do you think this will work on CADD? Hmmm...

Edit: The increase in performance to me just doesn't justify the expense. Thanks SKYMTL!
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