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Hey all!

I have another sponsor update :)
I am going to be working with TM3 Connections a company who supply audiophiles with everything they need!
TM3Connections originated from an idea born from a desire and passion to provide fellow enthusiasts with home audio and video equipment. Relentless in the pursuit of hi-fi perfection we like most of you have spent a small fortune, sometimes with very little gain.
We have realized that some Hi-fi kit was sometimes overrated, over marketed and certainly overpriced. There is a massive group of people who have already made the same discovery, preferring to construct their own designs or using other not so highly marketed brands which have a huge reputation amongst the various AV forums.
The members of TM3 have between them over 20+ years of experience in various fields ranging from wholesaling, engineering, electrical installation, marketing and accounting. Between us we have added our own individual talents and constructed a very able and enthusiastic group...
They provide braiding too and are kind enough to send me enough braiding to sort this mod out!
Now for the little amount of really ish modding I have managed lol... I have only really managed to mask stuff off and start marking it out.
The front panel is going to have to have to be completely remodelled! The Fractal case has small lips on the fan holes which I am going to have to get rid of so I have marked out a 1cm border which will get rid of the lip as shown below :)

marked out front panel

Once again thanks to both Fractal Design and NZXT and off course now TM3 as well :)

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