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Originally Posted by headsh0t View Post
Nice review man. Looks like you can pickup some pretty impressive headphones for a decent price. You say the 840's are more analytical while the 750's have a warmer sound so did you try any gaming with either? I've been using the 840's mostly for gaming/music on my comp since I still can't really afford to pickup an electronic drumset right now (a decent one at least), so wondering what you thought to be better for gaming the analytical sound of the 840's or the warmness of the 750's? Using the Fiio E5 on my ipod makes quite a difference with the 840's but when using it from my sound card to the E5 to the phones it does not make much of a difference except for the bass boost slider on the E5. In fact I was starting to get some distortion while using the E5 with my soundcard so I've stopped using it with my PC. I should probably get a real amp for my PC one day but not sure how much it will open up the 840's... If I am using them for over a couple of hours at a time they do start to irrate me a little bit so I wonder how the 750's would be for extended listening periods.
I don't use either for gaming. If you like, I could try, but I need a bit more time
I mean 840s are built to pick out flaws in a track, while 750s are meant to enjoy that track. So 750s would do better for gaming theoretically, but 840s I tried using it once on BFBC2. It wasn't bad.
Investing in a desktop amp would help, I know a couple that are reasonably priced that perform very well. | YUIN

You would appreciate the sound quality, since 840s do benefit from having a proper amp.

How do the 840s irritate you? I get irritated by the 840s from their weight, and the 750 seems to take card of that, but they used slightly harder pads.
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