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Originally Posted by BootlegUsher View Post
What exactly does dual band do? I am looking for the best possible performance going through the floors of my building. Does dual band aid this? Also, when it comes to actually picking up the signal, would someting like this be better then the USB adapter?
Vendors may use the term differently, "dual band" can mean that an AP is capable of transmitting in both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Those that are marketed as "simultaneous dual band" can use both bands at the some time, others that are marketed as plain "dual band" may not and you have to choose between the 2 manually. For example the Linksys WRT610N is simultaneous whereas the WAP610N is not.

With antennae, units can have internal ones in additional to what's visible, the feature that's said to extend range is MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output). Also remember reception is both ways, a good router/AP is not going to perform well if the wireless card on the system has poor range.

As to what will work for you, unfortunately there's no way to tell for sure because there are simply too many variables -- layout of the house, how it was constructed, interference from other sources, etc. The thing you'll need is inSSIDer, it will allow you to map out signal strength:

inSSIDer Wi-Fi Scanner | MetaGeek

If you have neighbours that have WLAN then you can fire it up and see what signal you get, the problem area usually is the basement.

I would then buy the router/AP from somewhere with a good return policy and try it out. There maybe things that you can do to get better performance but first you need to get the router/AP running and have some ideas of what signals you're getting from it.
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