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Well I am thinking of getting one Kingston V 425 or the V+

Basically aside performance difference, you have to take in account that the V+ has:
double the power in watt while in idle (0.15W vs 0.07W)
half the power at full load (2.6W vs 5.7W)

I don't know how much the ssd would stay on idlebut I think that for laptops the V+ would be better as it wastes half the energy when in use (and because it's faster it is supposed to finish and go in idle faster than the V series).

But even if the V+ seems really a little better than the 425 V, I don't think I can afford the extra 40 (in europe) for the V+
240 for 128GB is already a LOT of money for me.

Oh and don't forget: you know that 128GB actually means 119Gib, so if you buy a 128GB one you have only 119Gib on it to use. But I guess you already know that, as all HDD come like this.
Now that I think about it an intel 80GB would have only 74.4Gib, definitely not enough for my laptop...
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