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My System Specs


well I just received the CP1500AVRLCD, small and sleek.

ill try to do a small write up on the unit some day. so far its working great, the LCD is nice and works well, the monitoring program works well, low footprint on the system, did somehow re-enable hibernate(witch was weird, but i had to disable it)

under idle/normal system use(none-gaming/folding) it gives me an average of 225w on use with a 18-20 minute runtime, under full load(with gpu) it gives me around 11-14 minutes or runtime with an average of 335watts with peaks of 370. now this is with only 1 22" monitor(dam thing takes up almost 27watts).

GPU by it self's seem to take up around 40-70watts under load, with only the CPU folding am sitting at 300watts.

now am just missing a darn FC6 to finish up the build and see what the fans can pull.
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