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My System Specs

Default Need suggestions: RTS/FPS/ Anything else

Games I've liked of the genres:
Red alert 2, ST Armada 1+2, Blitzkrieg 1, Warcraft 2
Battlefield 2, Fear, Elite Force, GTA series,

Did not like..
Bioshock: clumsy mechanics, for me.
Red Alert 3: Just lame
Sins of a Solar Empire: Takes forever and not too intuitive interface.

So that's about all I can come up with right now. As you can see the games I highlighter were mostly older, as I've been too cheap and uninterested to try many games. Since I haven't had my 'ear on the tracks' maybe someone can reommend something. If it's too new (a month or 2) its basically ruled out because $30 is my limit on 1 game.
The 2 big aspects for me are ease of play (controls that make sense, and mechanics that have refined sensitivity, i.e., dying should be only my fault, not the horrible/awkward response of the game) and open playing (1 storyline and no customizable play is good only once). Thanks for the help.
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