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Hello guy n gals.

I am an electronics tech (AOS degree). With alot of knowledge I did not forget yet, lol, so I shall add a comment.

I believe the term "noiseless chokes and capacitors" refers to the high quality materials, and manufacturing, from which they are made. These materials produce / conduct, less noise, "static" , (which is a term for sine waves or other voltage spikes / drops), collected by parts WITH inferior materials / manufacturing. This means they (capacitors and inductors (chokes)) run with, or, supply, a more steady voltage, and, produce less 1s and 0s, in digital terms. Meaning less logic errors. And, less fluctuations in the power unit, in turn, supplies all the chips on the circuit board a more stable voltage. That means a more stable overclock and operation.

The term "noiseless" doe NOT refer to actual decible (sound) levels, that a human might hear. The fact that it is quiet, is due to superior cooling and a better fan.

I have no idea if this card is of that quality. I just wanted to try to clarify the term, "Noise".

Just my 2 cents. Rock on gamers!
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