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Originally Posted by Thund3rball View Post
I totally agree, games are expensive BUT... a $2 difference between new and used? Even a $5 difference is, imho, absolutely ridiculous. I can't believe Gamestop is making a killing on a difference of $2 on a $30 game or $5 on a ~$60 game. And really if you wait a bit, the game prices drop in a few months, or sometimes there's a great pre-order deal or just a random sale that coincides with a new release. Any of these will see gamers saving more money than $2-$5 on a used title from Gamestop (with no online access, first owner DLC etc etc etc).

However, I am like minded that I like incentives to buy new as opposed to punishment for buying used 'tis much fuzzier.
I wouldn't buy used period. I buy it NEW when it's 2 years old (from steam) to get it at the price I want.

I can't imagine buying a used boxed game to save $2 to $5
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