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Originally Posted by Daygard View Post
I have my 4890 folding with a 8800gts, I found the -gpu # was off for me as well.. It finally worked right when I just used -forcegpu nvidia_g80 and -forcegpu ati_r700.

I got the same unstable machine error when I had it set as the wrong GPU.
I tried this again this morning using teh forcegpu flag. Same issue.

My 5870 was folding fine with the forcegpu ati_r700 switch. Now with the GT240 in there even the 5870 won't work

It is good to hear that your mixed setup is working though. At least it indicates that this is possible. I didn't want to spend too much tiome on this if mixed drivers was a non-starter.

I have tried the different combinations of gpu 0 and gpu 1 on both cards and can't get it working. I am at work now so I can't look into this until I get home tonoight. At least my Q6600 is still folding....
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