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Bought the power supply tonight $123.xx plus tax seems like a pretty good deal.

It installed in no time. The modular cables are great, as are the sleeving on all the cables. Manual is only a couple pages of English but gives U what U need to know (not that it is that difficult). The blue LED's are nearly as bright as my old TruePower Blue 480, but that is okay with me cause if the NeoPower 650 had the 12cm fan instead of an 8cm I would have got it instead.

I have a smaller sized case old Antec LanBoy and the PSU fit with absolutely no issues, in fact now that I see it I have space for a much larger PSU (length) if I ever need to go that way.

1st impressions are good, however I will run some MP3 conversions tonight for my Ipod audio books and see if I get the same issues of reboot I had in the past.

For the record I have 2 SATA and 1 PATA pluged in. The 2 SATA are on the same cable so I will see how that works out. Oh also a couple 12cm fans plugged in too.
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