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Originally Posted by fishingfanatic View Post
I learned early from some pretty savy techs that the best way to maximize efficiency using SSD is to use one as the OS and nothing more. Then purchase a larger for storage,...If I understand it correctly, the new hds are 6 gbs/sec. I don't understand why you'd want one from back in 2009. Is there something about those drives?
Nope. IF you can afford a big arsed SSD (128GB for example) the best is having all your aps on the SSD and the OS....leaving 10% or more free for wear leveling.

NEXT best is OS + main apps you use all the time and the rest on a fast HDD.

Less best is OS only on the SSD and all apps on the hdd. In this scenario you will boot up fast...but thats about all that will be fast.

Worst scenario is using an older hdd as you OS and app drive. HDDs are sloooow in comparison to SSDs.

1TB Blacks are fast. There aint much dif between 3 and 6gb/s when it comes to HDDs as no hard drive out there is even coming close to saturating 3gb/s hell they are barely over the old sata 1 1.5gb/s mark! Think of it this way, you have a 3 lane highway and a 6 lane. IF there is only traffic to fill up 1.5 - 2 lanes....traveling on the 6 will not get you to your destination faster then traveling on the 3 lane one. ;)

As for the OP. Intel is NOT by a long shot the only "reliable" SSD mfg'er out there. They do make some of the best...but Indilinx, JM, Toshiba and Samsung are just as reliable. ;)

What is your budget? If you can afford $125 for a SSD get a Intel V for your most used apps and OS and stick the rest on a 640 black for total investment of 2 bills or so.

I am NOT a fan of Raid 0 for hard drives. The speed boost is simply not worth the risk or added latency.
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