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Default ssd vs hdd opinions

Ok last thread was kind of screwed.
Really want to increase performance in gaming/boot
So I'm looking at a few ways of storage right now.
1) SSD
2)RAID0 2x WD1001FALS
3)RAID0 640GB Blacks (2 platters, instead of three)
1)I look at the expensive yet amazing SSD but with the lack of space unless I buy 3 or more it is going to be a annoyance seems Intel is the only reliable SSD
2)The 2 Black 1TB I'd have to go hunting for any made before November 2009, I guess thats all luck. I hear RAID0 speeds are great and a lot of space(maybe to much unless I develop a scary internet porn habit)
3) The cheapest by far, hunting is probably just as hard,again better storage not much performance difference off the 1tb
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