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Do you have another system to try this drive in? It could be just something with that mobo / setup it doesnt like.
If you cant, un-plug all other drives AND use a dif sata cable and dif port for the ssd and try again. See if the numbers improve. If they do...great problem solved. I doubt it but try the easy things first.

Next thing to do is stress that drive while cleaning it. Download FreeSpaceCleaner and run it w/ FF option. Let it run once. Assuming it doesnt crash the system or other error happens....retest. See if the numbers improve. Could be that TRIM is not working (it will be reported as working even if it ISNT by the OS). If they dont....Id really be tempted to try it in another system, even that means bringing it over to a buddies. IF it does still post such low seq numbers in the other system, nuke all the data off it and run a freespace cleaner (obviously w/ ff option enabled) on the full empty drive and rerun it. If it improves...TRIM definitely wasnt being passed to the drive. If it doesnt Id be tempted to phone up Kingston and see if you can rma it. Something ain't right with such low numbers and if it isnt the cable, mobo or other external factors its probably the drive (most likely bad nand or bad controller...prolly bad nand if i was to guess based off the good 4k results). Funny thing is if you were getting rated seq speed but piss poor small file numbers you would be SOL, but if isnt performing to its rated SEQUENTIAL speed in two dif systems they will be more inclined to fix it good 4k speed or no.

Link for getting freespacecleaner:
Guide A simple guide for gen1 owners( Apex, solid, core V1/V2) or raid array owners who want to consolidate free space and clean the remaining Nand on the drives. OCZ gen2 drives..Vertex, Agility, Solid2, TURBO owners with FW 1.5 you do not need this
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