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Originally Posted by TheWanderer View Post
Hi, I have Windows 7 32bit installed.
I noticed that games like UT2004 and Diablo 2 don't start up at the first click, even though the processor is at 50% load(one core out of two). The task manager shows that Rundll32.exe is using it.
When I click the game icon the second time, the game starts, with the rundll32 process continuing. Funnily enough, when I end the rundll32 process, the game continues to work just fine.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.
Well that's probably just another "fun" windows moment that just hit you...

The application you've started must have loaded a corrupted dll file with rundll32 to run it and now it's locking up completely a thread and you can't do anything about it unless killing it by hand or letting the windows scheduler handle it on its own (good luck on that).

If you are willing to do it and if I'm right, you could try to find out what dll file is screwing up and fix it by replacing it.

Again, I might be wrong, windows is not my specialty.
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