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My System Specs


***EDIT: 5/21/2010 ****

Preparing the rad.... hot tap water

after preparation, will do one more time flushing tonight... i put the masking tape to prevent me from damaging the fins when i shake the rad.. lol and yes it did help.. i didnt notice i was grabbing the rad so hard when i shook it...

***EDIT: 5/27/2010 let the installation begin... first day ****
Before watercooling...

i think my TIM application is correct for the hyper 212+ isnt? wonder why i was getting 40C idle, 90C load

EK backplate installed!!! was worried about the height .... i think it's higher than motherboard standoffs, but i guess since it's rubber in the middle, it should be squished..

Base of EK Supreme HF... oooh shiny!!!

EK SUPREME HF installed!

fans on the rads... nothing special here, except that HWL gave me long screws that werent long enough to go through the case-> fans -> rad mounting holes............. so that caused the delay (had to get longer m4 screws from home depot)

moving on.... i installed the res brackets closely together cz there's not enough room in my HAF932.... i felt like i went back to my antec 900 case.... LOL

the pump on haf932 metal 5-1/4" bracket ... this has been revised to two metal brackets and different mounting position

My original plan was to mount it on the bottom fans.... but not sturdy enough....

here comes the fun part.... tubing........ lol and thanks to Steers for lending me his KwikCut

Before ending the night... lol love the uv blue effect!

before going to work.. lol had to take one in a hurry so that i could upload the images to imgshck

my fill port.... humm i should've gotten the TFC fill/drain port pass through connector, since i think head is bigger and probably will fit the haf932 fill port hole much better... oh well...

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