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Originally Posted by m1dget View Post
quake2-gwt-port - Project Hosting on Google Code

I will stick with my idea that when all the bigger companies will put effort in common to develop and improve HTML5 its potential will be very high. And -if- they decide to really push it, well simply forget about flash.
Meh, to me it looks mostly like Apple doesn't want Flash because it doesn't run well on their platforms, so they are trying to find alternatives rather than try fixing the problem. Just standard douchebaggery on Apples part. Doubt it will ever replace Flash though. For the average user we will never need to replace Flash for something that currently is 100 times worse, and developers really like Flash, so it would be hard to make them flock to another system which I'm not entirely sure how it works - if it works well or not - just because of some whiny Apple users.
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