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Originally Posted by Sushi Warrior View Post
HTML5 will never take Flash over in games. Think of every game you play on the web - how many are flash? There are hundreds of sites devoted to flash games. HTML5 is still unproven for games and even if it were a HUGE success it would take years to work the web off Flash games.
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Originally Posted by nickpolyz View Post
Yup. Developer wise, Flash dominates 90% of all 2D and 3D web based games built. Not to mention Flash movies. There is little competition. HTML works good for videos maybe, but that's about it. Maybe HTML5 can be used as a platform to show Flash developed content somehow (I doubt it though or they'd get sued), so I don't think Flash will be going anywhere anytime soon.

It seems to me all the people who are for HTML5 don't actually understand how Flash works.

Imagine how much Photoshop dominates the market of photo editing and how pretty much anyone who edits photos uses Photoshop. Now imagine how foolish it would be to say that Photoshop is going to get kicked in the nuts by some other platform that is still in baby stages and that we don't even know much about or how it will work. As you should see by now, it's not a very smart comment to be making.
I will stick with my idea that when all the bigger companies will put effort in common to develop and improve HTML5 its potential will be very high. And -if- they decide to really push it, well simply forget about flash.
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