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Originally Posted by Synth View Post
They will only support H.264 for video tags.

Edit: Quick questions to posters in this thread (and I am not being cheeky, so please, be kind): How many of you own an Apple product, and will ultimately suffer from this decision from Apple?

I use my iPhone everyday, and have not been let down by the lack of Flash support since its purchase, but I appreciate your concerns

Well I have an iphone and I can tell you I notice the lack of flash all the time on it. Hell I would love to be able to watch the highlights from the hockey game but nope, flash. And this is on the TSN and CBC web pages. There have been countless other ones as well, really to the point that I don't use it to surf the web unless I absolutely have to, it is just to damn frustrating.

The thing is I would not have an iphone if it was not paid for by my work. And one thing I have learned is how "closed" of a system Apple has. Come on now they won't even let you convert your flash program to something compatible with the iphone.

As it was said before this is strictly a method of control to help fuel their greed.

Originally Posted by Synth View Post
And please don't judge Apple customers, calling them sheeple: take a look at my sig, see the platforms I use. They ALL serve their purpose, and where acquired for very specific purposes. It does not make me a sheeple.
As a whole they are sheeple. Not every single one, but the majority. Look you can tell when they darn near treat Jobs as if he is a god of some sort. Add to that how so many people buy Apple products solely because they are Apple products, not because they are good products. So like I said not every single Apple user is a sheeple but the vast majority are.

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard | The Onion - America's Finest News Source | Onion News Network

Look lets face it, even if this story was true people would still line up for it just because it is Apple.
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