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I've owned many Apple products over the years. Would I own a iphone....nope. Would I own a first get ipad....nope. Was I very interested in the ipad when it was just a rumor and then disappointed by it when it landed....yup. Is there bigger concerns involved then just apple...yup. It sets a very dangerous precedence and without apple putting pressure on the MS we will all be screwed. I say that as if Apple continues down this road, they will move further and further away from innovating and finally put the last nail in the company the wizard of woz built (and Stevy wonderboy stole). I remember when Apple were renowned for their engineering and cutting edge tech. Now they are known more for their shite business practices, marketing and snotty elitist sheeple. I really can see a day when OSX dies and is replaced by a gloried ipod "OS". Prolly why the ipad was created as it is a test run to see how people like the "new" and "innovative" interface. And when THAT happens we are all screwed as *nix is a far, far way off from being ready for prime-time, let alone putting real pressure on MS. I would love to see a marketplace where there was real competition like there used to be back in the DOS days (MS DOS, DR-DOS, PC DOS and couple others slugging it out) and this is just the first shot in a long war....a war which consumers and enthusiast will lose to greed and corporations. No competition == no advancement.
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