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Default ordered toxic 5870's but got eyefinity 6 edition?

Alright i just want to talk to people about this problem and maybe get some suggestions on what needs to get done and whatnot.

I went here:
Achat Sapphire HD5870 2GB DDR5 TOXIC PCIE DDVI-I HDMI DP RETAIL (100281-2GTXSR) au Canada

i ordered 2 of them since the place is near and shipping was free and a sweet deal. Anyway it said that it would be shipped via canada post and arrive on may 10th. I got it thursday the 6th. from UPS and from EPROM. Opened it, no invoice in the packing box AND 2 Sapphire radeon hd 5870 eyefinity 6 edition 2gb cards in it.

so i ordered:

and got:

so i sent an email back, asking if they had sent me it from the supplier and yes it was them and the supplier sent them to me cause the store didn't have any in stock. because of the mistake they are going to give me $20 rebate on my next order.

So after looking at those pages, what cards should i have? is it the fault of the store? or supplier? i did send them a reply back telling them to get the stuff straightened out and ill send back the cards i got in. the product page of the store says in the description something completely different from what i got. it even says TOXIC which is what i want in the first place, not eyefinity 6 edition cards. also it says in the description what the backplate looks like which isn't 6 mini dp connectors. anyone got any 2cents? thanks
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