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Originally Posted by lemonlime View Post
I had a very similar condition a couple of years ago. Really not fun at all. Hope you feel better soon!

Looking forward to some more updates
Originally Posted by encorp View Post
I had something similar about 6 years ago; woke up one day and couldn't even stand up.. just kept falling all over the place. At first I was scared to death because I generally didn't feel sick; I could barely crawl though cause the whole world was spinning 10x worse than it's ever been when I was my most drunk haha.

But once I talked to a doctor and found out I wasn't dying; I thought it was completely funny - and so I terrorized my family for the five or six weeks I had it by smashing around the house and breaking stuff ahahaha

Get well soon!
Cheers Guys! I have been terrorizing them for years with the electricity bill :)

Even though I am ill the postie is not! Look what arrived today :) :) :D My cables from NZXT!
The braid is a decent quality but the cables are black so you do not see any funky colours leaking through!!!!
CHEERS NZXT and excuse my slightly lazy photography of said cables I do not have the energy to set up a soft box to stop the reflections etc

Oh and I am not planning on keeping them like that... there is going to be some modding done to them too :)

Once again thanks to both Fractal Design and NZXT

Till next time....

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